11 life-saving skills everyone should know

By: Guest Author | Posted on: Jul 31, 2019

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In the case of a medical emergency, it's easy to assume someone else will step up to the plate and help the person in distress. Unfortunately, this isn't always what happens - and knowing how to respond to emergencies safely and effectively can be critical in ensuring someone's survival.

INSIDER spoke with Dr. Angela Jarman, assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of California, Davis, to learn some key things all people should know about responding to emergencies.

Of course, the following information should not be considered a substitute for proper certifications, classes, or hands-on training. And no matter what kind of dire medical situation you're dealing with, it's wise to contact your local emergency medical services.

Here are some skills worth familiarizing yourself with so you'll be equipped to take action when emergency medical situations happen.

As simple as it is, knowing how and when to call for emergency medical assistance is incredibly important

Any time you're responding to an emergency medical situation, it's important that you call your local emergency medical services (EMS) immediately, said Jarman.

In addition, calling EMS typically does far more than just send paramedics to the scene of the event. For example, Jarman noted that many dispatchers are trained to give people instructions over the phone on how to administer CPR, give people life-saving drugs, and handle other emergencies.

And if you are unable to make the call yourself, you should immediately yell out to ensure someone else does....

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