9 Ways a Training Partnership Improves Your Organizational Health

By: Jason Price | Posted on: Feb 08, 2016

Training Partnership

Partnering with a local training resource to perform your hospital’s mandatory compliance training courses isn’t something that is usually top-of-mind for clinical staff. However, when looking for ways to improve the overall health of your organization, leveraging a CPR training center should be a no-brainer. Here are a few of the ways a training partnership can benefit you.

Course Flexibility

With a specialized training partner, clinical staff is offered a number of different opportunities to choose the location and date/time of their mandatory compliance training courses. Local training partners offer a wider variety of course flexibility, unlike many internal solutions that provide a limited number of classes each month. Afternoon and evening classes are especially important for night shift nurses. With so many scheduling options, there is a lower likelihood of your staff procrastinating to get their certifications renewed.

Increased Specialization

It’s no secret that the world of healthcare is becoming increasingly specialized. So, wouldn’t it only make sense to hire an expert to perform your staff’s resuscitation training? When a staff member is tasked with teaching mandatory training courses they are often spread too thin focusing on their responsibilities, not reaching their full potential as instructors. Training partners specialize in facilitating courses like these. They are enthusiastic about making their classes engaging and enjoyable for every participant. 

Improved Consistency

It is rare for in-house staff to remain consistent training champions through and through. With contracted training resources, your staff is receiving a reliable and scalable message with every class. The first person and the last person will have the same experience because all courses are taught in a consistent format.  Additionally, industry-leading training partners are American Heart Association experts.

Interagency Cooperation

Opening up your mandatory compliance training to a specialized training partner connects your organization to local resources. There is a lot of value to be realized by improving the relationships that exist between your organization and other hospitals, as well as prehospital emergency care providers in your area. With internal solutions, it is typically your people training your people. Outside resources provide a fresh new perspective on certification courses, leaving your staff with educational nuggets to walk away with that can be applied to their day-to-day practice. 

Become a Community Resource

Leveraging a local training partner yields the opportunity for the general public to interact with your hospital’s staff. Bringing the public into your hospital for CPR training builds you up as a community resource and someone the community trusts and turns to in times of crisis. 

Mitigate Risk

Hospitals that rely on in-house training programs take on all of the risk in the unfortunate event of a poor resuscitation outcome. It is proven that CPR training improves patient outcomes, so liability for improper staff training lies solely with the hospital. When you partner with a training center, you mitigate a portion of that risk by placing it on the training partner. That’s one less headache for your organization to deal with.  

Strengthen the Recruiting Process

When you lean on a training partner to support your certification courses, your hospital will attract participants from all over. You will meet a wealth of physician and nurse talent that were previously unknown to you. You can invite healthcare providers to your facility to mingle with your staff and meet your recruitment team. There is tremendous value in being considered a training ground for the region's healthcare providers. 

Streamline Innovation

The healthcare industry is in a constant state of innovation. Your hospital might not be focused on every new regulation that comes into effect, requiring you to tailor and tweak your mandatory compliance training. Rely on a specialized training partner to take care of innovation for you. It’s one less thing you need to worry about.   

Add Legitimacy

Partnerships and third-party agreements add a layer of legitimacy and accountability to internal programs. By bringing in a local training resource, you give your staff a set of fresh faces to work with whose sole responsibilities are to train your employees. There is often significant decrease in drop offs and no shows.

As outlined above, partnering with a CPR training center provides organizations with significant benefits. Turn to a leading specialized training partner to learn more.


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