Amazon is Hiring a HIPAA Expert

By: Guest Author | Posted on: Jan 17, 2018

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Amazon is fielding applications for a HIPAA Compliance Lead, according to a job listing on its website and reported by CNBC.

In July, CNBC reported the e-commerce giant had a secret healthcare team — dubbed 1492 — that is exploring new technology opportunities in healthcare, including both hardware and software projects. However, Amazon has yet to publicly address the health team.

Now, Amazon is seeking an "experienced HIPAA professional who will own and operate the security and compliance elements of a new initiative." The HIPAA Compliance Lead will work with Amazon's product managers, software developers, bizdev and legal teams to ensure its services comply with the privacy law. This suggests Amazon may be looking to work with outside partners that manage personal health information, according to CNBC.

Though there have been speculations about Amazon's entry into healthcare — whether that be through pharmacy or technology — the company may be looking for a healthcare privacy expert to equip its Alexa voice assistant for the industry, CNBC reports.

Alexa is not yet HIPAA compliant, meaning developers can't record patients' lab results or other health information. Amazon Web Services' health lead Oxana Pickeral addressed this at a September event promoting Alexa applications to help patients with diabetes.

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