Cascade Trains at the Library of Congress

By: Lori Gallian | Posted on: Jun 20, 2016

Did you know the Library of Congress has a building and people dedicated to the preservation of audio-visual resources? We didn’t either until a week ago. It is located in Culpeper, Virginia and houses over one million television, film and video items, as well as over three million voice recordings spanning 110 years. 

We learned all this when we had the privilege of educating a group of audio and film conservationists on First Aid, proper use of an AED and correct CPR technique. As conservation experts in the field of audio and film, you wouldn’t think they would be very interested in this seemingly unrelated training class. 

On the contrary, however, they were extremely prepared and ecstatic to begin. They brought their gear for inspection, First Aid kits, questions and enthusiasm for the course. These conservationists, who typically spend their time cataloging and organizing, were extremely motivated to refresh their first aid and CPR skills.

As we learned together, we discovered the reason for their motivation. A colleague of theirs had died of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) while at work in their building.  As a result of that incident, they formed a safety team and got training on first aid and CPR/AED use. As one said, “We didn’t want to feel helpless, should a similar situation happen ever again.”

Getting to train the employees of the Library of Congress was a privilege and a uniquely fun experience! We would like to thank them for the honor of getting to share our knowledge and experience with such a great group of people. Your colleague would be proud of how resilient you have made your workplace because of her.

Next stop in DC? The Library of Congress in downtown DC! We’re so excited to be able to contribute to community resiliency in our capitol by training Library of Congress staff in the use of AED’s, the importance of compressions, as well as basic First Aid principles.

Cascade visits the Library of Congress