How to Decrease Administrative Work Every Month

By: Clayton Clabaugh | Posted on: Apr 11, 2016

Administrative paperwork

Time is invaluable in the healthcare industry, and healthcare organizations are constantly looking for ways to optimize processes in order to make the most efficient use of time. One process that every healthcare organization is required to focus on is the regulatory compliance certifications of its workers. It’s no secret that there is quite a bit of administrative work surrounding these mandatory compliance training courses, and when added up, can require multiple hours of work every month from a nurse manager or credentialing supervisor. However, with increased efficiencies, healthcare professionals are able to dedicate their time to more important tasks than tedious paperwork. Here’s how your organization can significantly decrease the amount of administrative work for your staff.

Mandatory Compliance Certifications

Every healthcare worker is required to complete and renew a number of different compliance certifications every couple of years.  However, many times this process can become very cumbersome and unorganized. Physicians aren’t notified that their renewals are coming up or the different courses offered don’t align with their current work schedule. It is common for organizations to handle these courses internally, but there are a number of challenges that come along with it. That’s where a local training center can come to the rescue to implement a Training Management System.

Training Management System

Specialized training centers are designed to offer a complete management and delivery model that provides the most cost effective and customer service focused experience while improving patient and safety outcomes. Tailored to specific organization’s needs and objectives, outsourced training solutions include options for a variety of management configurations. A tailored Training Management System from a specialized training partner provides complete registration systems for mandatory compliance certification courses, real-time compliance reporting with a web-based client interface for immediate access to all systems and a quality improvement program that helps measure the effectiveness of the courses in helping better your staff.


The largest anesthesia provider in the Pacific Northwest implemented a Training Management System that allowed their physicians to quickly and efficiently sign up for training courses without the hassle of manually coordinating schedules. Additionally, they were able to see a high-level, as well as a detailed view of which employees are currently enrolled in courses as well as those employees that are outdated on their certifications. According to the Credentialing Administrator, “we now average 10 certifications every month and the Training Management System tool probably saves us 5 hours of administrative work every month.”

You too can decrease the amount of administrative work of your staff when it comes to mandatory compliance certifications. To learn more, download our case study.

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