How to Get Certified in First Aid

By: admin | Posted on: Oct 25, 2019

If you have little or no medical training and need certification in first aid to fulfill job, regulatory or other requirements, Heartsaver® First Aid certification may be appropriate for you. The course was designed by the American Heart Association (AHA) and offers a video-based, instructor-led program. Your hands-on practice reinforces what the video teaches you about first aid basic care and prepares you to respond during a medical emergency.

What is Heartsaver®?
This basic training course is based on the AHA’s most up-to-date science. Broken down into modules, the course teaches you first aid basics and the critical skills necessary to respond to and manage a medical emergency, injury emergency or environmental emergency within its first few minutes. This is the time when your quick and knowledgeable actions can keep a patient alive while waiting for professional help to arrive.

Throughout the course, you will practice the steps needed to take action and respond to incidents that include:
• Severe bleeding
• Burns
• Poisoning
• Shock
• Choking
• Heart Attack
• Stroke

What skills will you have upon course completion?
Once you complete your Heartsaver® First Aid training, you should be able to:
• Determine the nature of an illness or injury
• Assess and take appropriate actions for a person suffering a heart attack, having difficulty breathing, choking, bleeding profusely, going into shock or having a stroke
• Know how to use an EPI (epinephrine) pen
• Control bleeding and put on a bandage properly
• Recognize common injuries and illnesses


Why is Heartsaver® certification so important?
No one knows when or where an emergency will strike. Emergency medical personnel may be nowhere around; completing this course can teach you how to react in the event of an emergency in any setting – potentially saving a life.

Where can I enroll in Heartsaver® training?
Cascade Training Center is an authorized provider of the American Heart Association, Emergency Nurses Association, American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Family Physicians, as well as many other healthcare and workplace safety curricula. Operating active training programs in all 50 states and seven training centers in California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado, Cascade certifies more than 100,000 individuals in various areas each year.

Contact Cascade Training for information on Heartsaver® certification or other lifesaving programs and certifications.