How Watson Health Is Changing The Healthcare-Tech World

By: Guest Author | Posted on: Nov 13, 2016

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health-related data consumption statistics

IBM has spent billions of dollars over the past few years forming 'Watson Health,' which they see as the future of global healthcare. Through the use of their super-computer, Watson, they are already using artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately detect, diagnose, and even predict illnesses.

The first step IBM took toward realizing Watson Health, was gathering all the scientific papers, clinical trials, genome sequences, and other big healthcare data that they could find. This is a lot of data, in fact, it’s estimated that 1.8 million scientific papers are published every year. On top of that, the average hospital also gathers terabytes of data on their own patients. If you take into account how many hospitals there are around the world, it quickly becomes a daunting amount of data.

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