Marin County Event Equips Public With Life-Saving Skills

By: Lori Gallian | Posted on: Jun 27, 2016

As healthcare providers, we know that bystander CPR can increase survivability. The American Heart Association felt so strongly about this that they wrote a Scientific Advisory Statement; which became a call to action to get communities involved in hands-only CPR (Nerd link: Sayre, et al, 2008). Seattle, Tuscon, and many other cities have incredible survival rates from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) because they took the call to action seriously.  Their communities are experts at CPR and they are better for it.

Community Health Leaders 

Marin County, California decided they wanted to be among the communities who were known for their survival rates from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Marin County Emergency Medical Services Agency started a community Sidewalk CPR event which has 20 training stations running simultaneously throughout the county on a designated Saturday in June. Karrie Groves from Marin County EMS is the engine that drives this event; her and her team put a lot of effort into getting sponsors and support to make it special and fun. Those who participate by showing their skills at compressions sign a roster sheet to prove participation and that enrolls them into a drawing to win one of the donated prizes for the event. Who wouldn’t do a few minutes of compressions for the chance to win Giants tickets? Especially in the Bay Area!

Marin County Sidewalk CPR

Site Coordinator, Firefighter Travis Fox from Southern Marin Fire Protection District.

 At Cascade, this is one of our favorite events to participate in; we love supporting our friends at Marin County EMS, and we love being a part of the live-saving and community-changing training that matters. It was our second year teaming up with our site coordinator Firefighter Travis Fox from Southern Marin Fire Protection District, and spending a few hours working with people to show us their compression skills at the Sausalito Ferry dock.

Thousands Equipped

In Sausalito alone, we trained 303 people in hands-only CPR in four hours. However the best part is we got to contribute to something much larger. One thousand eight hundred and eighty-four people were trained in Marin County on June 11th. 1884 people were equipped with the courage to act and the skills to perform compressions for victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Marin County EMS Agency, we applaud you for making a difference in your community. Thank you for allowing Cascade to be a part of something that makes a community better. Count us in for next year!

Marin County Sidewalk CPR

If you would like to do a community CPR event in your neighborhood, the American Heart Association has great resources on their website.