Prove It: Real-time feedback devices improve CPR training

By: Guest Author | Posted on: Oct 16, 2016

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CPR training


Today is training day for the crew of station 27. After breakfast, dispatch places both the engine and the medic crews out of service and sends them to the training center. Today’s class is a CPR refresher course.

However, this refresher course is different than any previously taught. Today, the instructors are adding a new CPR feedback device to the manikin practice, which will provide real-time performance data to the crew. The instructor explains the devices will help insure everyone provides the correct rate, depth, and recoil. The device also provides an audible warning when a pause in chest compressions lasts for 10 or more seconds. The instructor explains the department will place one of these devices on every response vehicle in the city during the next week in the hopes of fine-tuning CPR performance and improving out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates for the community. 

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