The Time Doctors and Nurses Spend with EHRs is a National Disgrace

By: Guest Author | Posted on: Nov 21, 2016

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Doctor talking to patient, patient care

I enjoy being a physician. I really enjoy being a physician. Although much of my blog is focused on areas where we need to improve health care, with a particular recent focus on the burdens of information technology, that does not take away from the fact that I do really love my job as a doctor.

I’ve received a lot of supportive correspondence regarding my views on how electronic medical records have adversely affected the frontlines of medicine. It’s not surprising really seeing as this is one of the top daily frustrations for any physician (or nurse) in the United States. I have been very grateful for these messages of support, but articles and agreement alone are not going to solve this problem. Many doctors have also asked me how I personally go about navigating the electronic medical records that we are currently stuck with (and in my travels, I’ve worked with nearly every single major vendor, and in my opinion every single one of them sucks). I wanted to share my own personal philosophy for dealing with them:

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