Top Hospital CEOs Predict A Brave New World Of Patient Engagement

By: Guest Author | Posted on: Mar 20, 2017

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The National Academy of Medicine recently released its updated description of patient centered care and framed it as "…care planned, delivered, managed, and continuously improved in active partnership with patients and their families to ensure integration of their health and health care goals, preferences, and values." To explore how hospital CEOs view the role of patient engaged care in transforming our healthcare system and driving down costs, I interviewed industry leaders:

Dr. Steven J. Corwin, president and CEO, NewYork-Presbyterian

Dr. Susan Frampton, president, Planetree

Dr. Redonda G. Miller, president and CEO, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Joel Seligman, president and CEO, Northern Westchester

Robert Reiss: What’s an important initiative your leadership team is focusing on to drive patient engagement?

Dr. Steven Corwin: We are very proud of how we are using innovation to engage patients. Our expanding telemedicine program ensures that patients have access to high quality care both in and out of the hospital. For example, we use telemedicine in the emergency department on a regular basis. We have found that it reduces patient time spent in the emergency room – with our Digital Express Care program, we can complete some visits in 30 minutes or less. Over 1,500 patients have chosen to use this service since its launch.

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