Cascade Instructor Travis Pittman Delivers Baby in Parking Lot

By: Lori Gallian | Posted on: Jun 30, 2016

Cascade Training's Travis Delivers a Baby Boy

Word spread very quickly that day. Between social media, texting, and our internal communication system, it seemed everyone at Cascade Training, in all four states, knew within the hour. Travis Pittman, our very own clinical and operations guru in Washington, had delivered a baby in a parking lot of the hospital where he was teaching.

Not Your Average Lunch Break

On May 17th, Travis was heading to lunch and walking through the parking lot of Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, Washington when he “saw a commotion around a car in the parking lot…lots of yelling…so I decided to go check it out.” Hospital staff had not been alerted yet, and that baby was ready to make his entrance into the world. Without a moment to spare, Travis assisted the mom and delivered a healthy baby. The staff of Providence St. Peter assumed care of the mom and baby in parking lot, and got the new family safely into the hospital.

Anyone who has delivered a baby knows that Travis needed a change of clothes. Cascade Training would like to thank Providence St. Peter for taking this picture (shown to the right). We are keeping it forever.

After delivering a baby in a parking lot on his lunch hour, Travis returned to finish teaching his training class at Providence St. Peter. Because that’s how Travis rolls, and we love him for it. Of course, our staff in Tacoma could not resist making Travis feel special when he came home. You have to admit; Kendra Fish did a great job!

In Good Company

Most of us who teach at Cascade Training are, or were, healthcare providers. Whether it be a nurse, paramedic, respiratory therapist, emergency medical technician or physician, we have all done patient care at one time. In fact, that is why most of us became educators. We wanted to have a deeper and wider impact on great patient care.cascadebabydelivery1-1.jpg

It is sometimes easy to forget that we were providers when you see us doing what we love; making a difference by educating providers and the public to care for others. But, as Travis showed, we may be educators, but we still got mad patient care skills!

Congratulations to the new family! You have such a great delivery story, and we are glad we got to be a part of it!




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