Why are Doctors Burned Out? Our Health Care System is a Complicated Mess

By: Guest Author | Posted on: Jan 09, 2017

This article was originally published on statnews.com, by STEVEN ADELMAN and HARRIS A. BERMANView the original article by clicking here

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Why did the idea of dismantling Obamacare resonate with voters in the election? The answer may lie in “Your New Health Care System,” the utterly incomprehensible flow chart (above) created by the Congressional Joint Economic Committee in 2010. It diagrams a complicated web of interrelationships that crisscross between hundreds of government offices, departments, and programs in a maze of boxes, circles, triangles, and other assorted shapes.

The chart gains additional complexity when we layer in even more interrelated complex systems: insurers; medical and specialty societies, state medical boards, and medical examiners; medical schools, academic medical centers, and graduate medical education programs; along with a multitude of corporate players and constituents like the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and health information technology sectors. Caught in this web are some 900,000 practicing physicians, as well as millions of other health care workers and the populations they serve.

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