A Special Anniversary with Sephora

By: Lori Gallian | Posted on: Jun 02, 2016


Earlier that month, we had the privilege of training the Loss Prevention Specialists for Sephora. We worked with Sephora to design training that would be relevant for their staff, as they were not healthcare providers. Cascade Training taught eighty people how and when to perform chest compressions, how to compress properly, and how to use an AED. The team of dedicated Sephora staff was so fun to train, as they were quick to learn and wanted to get compressions right. They believed the training could make a difference to their customers, community and family.

Reggie from Sephora was among those we trained, and he paid attention.

Reggie says it best in an email he sent us:

Unbelievable, my first day vacation at the pool I heard some screaming from people asking for a life guard. I run over full speed and see a young boy laying down purple in the face and obviously not breathing. I immediately start compressing his chest and after about 1.5 minutes he started coughing and breathing again. Everyone started clapping and was happy. I can’t lie it felt great. I didn't think i would ever have to use CPR, but I still focused on learning what they were saying. And look two months later I'm full fledge using it to save a life.

What a crazy heart shaking experience that turned out well.

Every great story has a hero. In this story Cascade Training has two; Reggie and one boy he saved. The story is just worth sharing, especially since that boy has been with his family one more year; one more year because of connection and collaboration between two companies that know people are important.

Thank you Sephora, for allowing us to collaborate and share our passion with your team.

Thank you Reggie, for actively participating in our training and having the courage to step up and change a generation. We do not yet know what the life you saved will do for his generation.

Thank you little man, for being our hero. Go do great things.

It is the one-year anniversary for a boy that we cannot forget. While we at Cascade Training do not know his name, he is famous in the Cascade Training family.  Almost a year ago, he was swimming with his friends when something went wrong, and he drowned and died among friends and family at a public pool in New York.  This boy is not our hero because he died, but because he was brought back to life.