The Hartford Consensus On Active Shooter Medical Response

By: admin | Posted on: Oct 22, 2015

JEM_._100.jpgThe Hartford Consensus is a joint committee to create a national policy to enhance survivability from mass casualty shooting events. Jim's experience as an EMS Chief and having dealt with some of the nation's most high profile active shooter events, brings real world experience to this important paradigm shift in how public safety entities and the general public work together to save lives.

Cascade's Jim Manson co-authored: The Hartford Consensus on Active Shooters: Implementing the Continuum of Prehospital Trauma Response now available through the Journal of Emergency Medicine: HERE

The Hartford Consensus Group developed recommendations to improve the response to and outcomes from active shooter events and urged that a continuum of care be implemented that incorporates not only EMS response, but also the initiation of care by law enforcement officers and potentially by lay bystanders.

Additional important work has been done to further identify all professional rescuers as well as members of the public that need training. This has led to the development of the NAEMT B-CON course that is designed to provide these individuals with life saving training to "Stop the Bleed".